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Attention College Students

Here's your chance to give us your input regarding your attitudes about and personal interest in vocations in the Catholic Church. You also have the chance to win PRIZES!!! Every tenth person who submits a survey will win a Catholic prize. Please do not submit more than one survey per person.
Please take a minute or two to complete this survey regarding college students' interests in the church vocations to priesthood and religious life. The ongoing results of this survey are posted through Vocations Online through the What's New Section.


Please note: No information is collected for mailing list purposes or will be shared without consent. Confidentiality of responses will be strictly maintained (usual internet e-mail cautions withstanding).


College or University:

Year in School: Fr. So. Jr. Sr. Grad.


Age: Sex Marital status

1. I think the Catholic Church needs more priests, brothers, and sisters.

Yes Not Sure No

2. The priests, brothers, and sisters whom I know are basically happy and give a positive image of their vocations.

Yes Not Sure No

3. The priests, brothers, and sisters whom I know are committed to serving God and make a difference in the world.

Yes Not Sure No

4. Given the proper training, I think I would make a good priest, brother, or sister.

Yes Not Sure No

5. My parents have encouraged me to think about priesthood or religious life.

Yes Not Sure No

6. If I decided to become a priest, sister, or brother, my parents would support me in that decision.

Yes Not Sure No

7. I thought about becoming a priest, brother, or sister when I was in grade school.

Yes Not Sure No

8. I thought about becoming a priest, brother, or sister when I was in high school.

Yes Not Sure No

9. I thought about becoming a priest, brother, or sister in college.

Yes Not Sure No

10. If a friend told me that he/she was interested in becoming a priest, brother or sister, I would encourage him/her to look into it.

Yes Not Sure No

11. I know someone who would make a good priest, sister, or brother.

Yes Not Sure No

12. If I knew someone (or already know someone) who would make a good priest, sister or brother, I would tell him/her about it.

Yes Not Sure No

What do you think are the three most important qualities
needed in future priests, sisters, and brothers?

How can vocations to religious life and priesthood be better
promoted and encouraged in the Catholic Church today?

Or, if you are currently interested in pursuing priesthood or religious life, please continue ...

I'm interested in pursuing life as a:

Priest Brother Sister

How long have you been considering this option?

Type of community of interest:

Diocesan priesthood



Mailing Address:

City, State, Zip:


I would like information sent to me at the above mailing address on:

becoming a priest

becoming a sister

becoming a brother

discerning a vocation


Do you want to receive information from vocation directors from dioceses and religious communities?

Yes No

Enter any comments or questions you may have here:


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