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Vocations Online Discernment Site
A resource to help you find your place in this life


Finding one's place
... Being fulfilled ... Understanding the deeper meaning ...
Having a peaceful heart

These are all a part of good discernment in life.  Are these things you long for?

Discernment is not just about deciding what to do in life.  It really is much more about the "who" of life, the total person.  In essence discernment is about making decisions and choosing a path in life that God calls us to.  

"Who does God want me to be?" and not "What do I want to do with my life?" is the basic question in discernment.  In answering that basic question one needs to address: 

  1. the activities and work of life

  2. the values and attitudes one holds in one's heart

  3. the choice to love that one makes

Christian discernment implies a life of faith and a sense of one's relationship with God in Christ.  Discernment requires a heart ready to listen and respond in prayer and reflection.  Discernment also requires a head prepared to learn about options and carefully select those choices which will bring greater joy to God, self, and world.  

These pages provide some excellent resources for the heart and mind ready to ask and answer the question, "Who does God want me to be?"  

Know that we pray for the many people each day who use this site to further their journey with God in discovering the path of service that they are to follow.  

May God give you a courageous spirit and generous heart to 
Answer the Call!

If we can  be of any further assistance along the way, please feel free to vocations@dioceseofjoliet.org at info@vocations.com.

Thank you for visiting the Vocations Online -- Discernment Site!



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